A very Happy Christmas to all RSP users from all of us at SDRplay.   We will do our best to support you and any of your friends and family who might receive a new RSP as a gift in the coming week.  As I keep reminding everyone, an RSP1A makes a very nice gift for both the old and the young.  In the case of the old, there are many retired folks looking for a hobby. These are people who way back, long before the internet era, were inspired by the magic of wireless communications. Some may have been short wave listeners or even radio amateurs for a while.  An RSP1A together with SDRuno and its easy to use band buttons is a great way to jump back in (assuming they have access to a windows PC and can string up some wire as an antenna). Among the youngsters are many who by the age of 13 or 14 have really mastered a Raspberry Pi and maybe even getting a bit bored as to what new things they can do with it.  An RSP1A gives them the radio spectrum to play with. The computing community has barely scratched the surface of what I would call “smart tuning”   where algorithms drawing on “big data” (e.g. social media keyword trending combined say with real time propagation data as one example)  to enhance the chances of finding interesting signals to tune into.

Anyway before getting too carried away, here’s the latest about RSP availability. Regarding stocks of the RSPs, SDRplay and most of our resellers on www.sdrplay.com/distributors/ have plenty of stock of RSP1A and the RSPduo.  However there is still a shortage of the new RSPdx whereby many of the resellers have already sold out of their first deliveries.  SDRplay is queuing up their replacement orders on a  first come, first served basis.   We also have our own quantity planned in there to allow us to sell direct from our website.    It will be towards the end of January before we satisfy that second wave of RSPdx demand.